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Privacy Policy

GhalamPhotos is a Digital Frame iOS App which allows users to access and display their photos. The app supports access to Apple and Google Photos. The settings page in the app offers users the choice between "Apple" or "Google" photos.


When you click on the "Google" icon, the app prompts you with a Google provided popup window where you can sign in and authorize access to your Google Photos account. The authorization will allow the GhalamPhotos app to access your photos, a list of existing albums read only. That means the app does not make any changes to albums or photos.


The app displays a list of albums to select from. Based on your album selection, the app accesses images from that album one image at a time for display purposes only. The images are not stored, shared or cached. The image is replaced with the next image for a configured period of time. The app does not store, cache, or share any information about the user or the user data.

The app's use of transferred data from the Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements. 

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